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How to Market Your Title Company to Home Buyers

The real estate market is always changing. One month the trend could be that it is a seller’s market. The next month, it could flip into the home buyer’s hands. Market forecasts can project all types of changes going into the future.

Throughout all of these ups and downs, title companies cannot lose sight of home buyers. While is it typically a real estate agent or lender that recommends a title company to the buyer, let’s not forget that in most states, the buyer is in fact allowed to choose the title company they want to work with. And in our ever-changing digital world, the entire home buying process is shifting more and more online. This can start with an online search for homes, searches for a real estate agent, and yes, even Google searches for a title company – all conducted by the home buyer.

Since you never want to dive headfirst into a pool without knowing how deep the water is, you never want to dive into marketing without having a plan. There are many different ways of reaching home buyers - but you will want to focus on the methods that will yield the best results.

Implement Local Digital Marketing Campaigns

Home buyers are hyper-focused on locations. They are often looking to move to a specific area and it only makes sense to have a title company that is familiar with the requirements and laws in that specific geographic location.

Local digital marketing strategies can often put your title company higher up in the results when a search is made. For instance, a buyer looking for a title company in Jacksonville, FL will end up with a lot of results for various title companies in the area. If you hire a good SEO team to develop a high-functioning title company website, with content optimized for Google, your title company could end up right in front of your home buyer - and future customer.

This field is constantly evolving so don’t try to do your own digital marketing. Invest in a highly-skilled marketing team who can handle it for you - and get you the results you are looking for. By the way, that’s what we do day in and day out for title companies.

Enhance Your Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great tool for reaching your targeted home buyers. You want to present yourself as a leader in the field by creating highly engaging, yet educational posts. These posts should remain professional and be posted regularly - without overloading your followers.

Speaking of followers, taking steps to boost your numbers can increase your chance of interaction with your posts, including shares that will get a further reach.

Leave an Impression

Being the best at what you do and treating your customers right can leave a lasting impression. So much so that when someone is asking for recommendations, your previous customer may gladly come forward with a recommendation.

Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most valuable types of marketing. Continue to focus on your customer service and you will boost your reputation. In turn, increasing new leads. A great way to do this online is by gathering reviews on your preferred platform like, Yelp, Zillow, or Google Business Profile.

Expand Your Network of Realtors

Except in rare circumstances, most home buyers will have interaction with a realtor before they get to you. And if they are able to choose their title company, who do you think they are likely to ask for recommendations? Correct - their Realtor!

Unless they have purchased property before and have a connection to a particular title company, many will ask the real estate agent who they should turn to for title work. Those realtors who have a strong relationship with your company will give out your name and contact information.

So, if you’d like to market to your home buyers, do so indirectly by marketing to your Realtors.

Your Marketing Plan

Home buyers play an integral role in a title company. Finding them is easy when you use the right marketing tools. Review your options and consider what will work best for you. When you are ready, take the leap.

Dalton Digital is a marketing agency that focuses exclusively on helping title companies grow their closing volume. Contact us today to discuss ways to grow your title company and expand your network.


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