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Our team of title company web designers and marketers have one goal in mind: Help grow YOUR title company or small business. 

Justin Gooderham started Dalton Digital after decades of helping businesses to grow online. The shift to focus on title company marketing arose from an unmet need we saw in the marketplace.  Namely, there were a number of great vendors that support title companies from a closing, technology and process perspective, but there wasn't much emphasis on helping title companies gain clients, market themselves or grow.


Title and escrow companies were reaching out to us asking for help with their websites and digital marketing presence. 

After working with our first few title companies, we quickly realized that many title companies were behind the times in terms of their marketing.  They had 10 year old, non-mobile-friendly websites, little to no social media presence and they were virtually invisible on Google. 

The feedback we received was that many newer, tech-savvy agents and buyers (your clients) were moving business and closings to other title companies with newer, more modern and professional websites. They simply saw many of the older, established title companies as dinosaurs. A light bulb went off!

We then merged our experience in professional small business websites and digital marketing to focus on helping title companies grow their business online.  

Now, we are exclusively focused on helping title companies build their brand online and as we say, "look the part" so that real estate agents and buyers can find your title company online.


Justin Gooderham, President

About The Founder

​For nearly 20 years, Justin Gooderham, Founder of Dalton Digital, has been helping businesses and clients exceed their digital marketing goals.  He focuses on user-friendly web design, data and insights, and digital marketing best practices to drive online growth for title companies. 

His long career includes strategic work with companies and clients managing digital marketing campaigns and website launches for Fortune 500 clients including Accenture, U.S. Airways, Sony Pictures, Intuit TurboTax and Nickelodeon, just to name a few. 

Justin is an author and speaker who routinely conducts marketing workshops for title insurance companies in the Washington, D.C. area. 

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