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frequently asked questions

Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions and concerns that we see from our title insurance company clients. Contact Us with additional questions. 

  • Who is JenesisDigital and how can they help my Title company?
    JenesisDigital is an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency exclusively focused on helping title insurance companies grow their business, increase closing volume, and build a professional online presence to impress real estate agents. We’re located in Arlington, VA, and we help title and escrow companies across the U.S. by designing or redesigning websites to help them attract more clients by being seen as industry leaders. We do this by developing marketing content and increasing online reviews – all in service to ultimately increasing their monthly closing volume. We’re also Sponsors and Members of the Virginia Land Title Association (VLTA) and the American Land Title Association (ALTA). Read More About Us.
  • We get all of our business through word-of-mouth. Why should my Title company focus on digital marketing with an agency?
    We understand that Title Insurance is a relationship business and that much of your business is from word of mouth. But what we’ve found after working with Title Companies for many years, is that time and time again, tech-saavy agents and buyers are moving business and closings to Title companies with a more modern and professional digital presence. Many of the traditional title companies are being passed on because they don’t "look the part”. We can help. Learn more about our services.
  • We don't have a big budget, how can I see an ROI?"
    We understand that budget is a concern for any business. Many of our title company clients expressed the same concerns initially, now they are our BEST clients and refer us to their peers. Attracting just ONE new Agent or Team can mean an increase of dozens of closings over the course of the year. The revenue gained can pay for marketing services many times over and is a positive investment in your title company in the long term strategy of your business.
  • Should our website or digital marketing really be a priority?
    Yes, absolutely! Did you know that 60% of consumers won’t do business with a company who doesn’t have a professional looking website or dozens of positive reviews? Even though Title companies rely heavily on referrals, the first thing that referral will do is Google you or your Business, you have to look the part or you may be losing business. Plus, the entire real estate transaction process is moving more and more online. This applies to home searches, real estate agent searches and yes, even searches for title companies.
  • We already have a website and it seems just fine. How can you help?
    Unless you are just starting out, most companies already have a website. But, many are outdated, not mobile friendly, and not easily found by clients from Google searches. Also, they are not providing prospective clients with value-added content which helps the Company been seen as a thought-leader. We can fix all of that to build your brand, attract more agents and provide a more professional first impressions for agents to land on. Learn more about our web design services.
  • In the title insurance industry, we don't get new business from Google searches. Why should I care about SEO or content marketing?"
    The real estate buying process often starts online. Real estate agents and buyers are becoming more and more tech-savvy and they are looking to work with companies that are thought-leaders in the industry. By developing title industry specific content (articles, blogs, etc) Agents are more likley to come across your content and website on Google, Facebook and other digital and social media channels. Also, sharing content with current and prospective clients on your social media channels or via an email newsletter is a great way for your title company to stay top-of-mind with agents. Plus, you should be providing "social proof", that is, you want agents and buyers to see how many other clients are singing your praises. This comes in the form of having dozens of positive reviews online. Learn more about our content marketing services.
  • If you specialize in Title Companies, aren't you helping my competitors?"
    Title and settlement services is a stable industry and growing. According to ALTA, Title premiums and operating income are up 27% in Q1 of 2020 vs 2019. There is a ton of business out there and homes will always be bought and sold. We specialize in helping Title Companies of all sizes across the country. Title Companies benefit from working with JenesisDigital because we are specialists. 1. We know the Title Insurance industry. We have many Title company clients, many learnings from the industry and we know what it takes to make them stand out. Think about it this way...if you needed heart surgery, you wouldn’t hire a general surgeon. You’d hire a cardiac surgeon, a specialist, whose done your exact procedure 500 times before. 2. Perspective. We've seen what works, and what doesn't when it comes to Title Company marketing. We've developed insights from years of working with Title Companies. You don't want a Generalist agency that could take months to learn your business, your industry or your clients. 3. The Client ultimately decides. JenesisDigital follows web design and digital marketing best practices that we've gained over 20 years of experience. This includes knowledge of how a website should look and function, as well as what content will resonate best with clients and search engines. When it comes to Google... there is a process that Google wants us to follow. However, search engines like Google make the final decision of what website it will show in its results. JenesisDigital does not pick favorites with its clients. Rather, we develop a website and digital marketing plan to set you up for success. In the end, your client decides who they want to work with.
  • When rates are up and closings are down, should I be marketing my title company?
    Absolutely! Many title companies make the mistake of scaling back their marketing efforts when business is slower. In Q3 of 2022, interest rates have ticked up and the real estate market has cooled down. For title companies in many markets, this has meant a slow down in their monthly closing volume. We all know that there are ebbs and flows in real estate, and this 'cool off' is relative to the red hot market of the last two years. When business slows a bit, take this time to really focus on your marketing strategy. Chances are, you'll be able to get more exposure with new and existing clients because others have scales back their efforts. Re-evaluate your website, your marketing content and your social media presence in a down real estate market. Those are some of your key marketing assets that, if improved, can help to provide more eyes on your title company.

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