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5 Ways to Market Your Title Company to Realtors

As a title company, real estate agents are one of your most important referral sources. They’re the first individuals who potential homebuyers see when they go online and search for homes for sale. Therefore, they are typically the ones who will recommend a title company to the homebuyer. That’s why it’s so important to have a game plan for how you’ll market your title company to real estate agents. They’re the ones who will ultimately be recommending your services, working with you and the clients at closing, and advocating for your title company for future settlements. There are plenty of ways that you can attract more agents to work with you, many of them revolve around improving your digital marketing strategy. But there are both offline and online activities that you can do to attract more real estate agents. It starts with thinking about ways you can make yourself more accessible to agents in the community. After all, what good is being available if no one knows about the work you do? Let’s look at five proven steps to market your title company to real estate agents and brokers.

1. Get Online

One of the best ways to get more agents to market your title company is to have a robust, professional online presence. This includes a modern website, industry content optimized for Google search, and active social media. While most title companies have a website, many are outdated, not mobile friendly, or don’t contain much content. This poses an issue as real estate agents want their title companies to ‘look the part’ online as they see their title company as a reflection of them. With a professional looking website and industry content like blogs, your website will be better positioned in Google so that real estate agents can find you in a Google search. In addition, being active on social media allows for real estate agents to follow you and helps you stay top-of-mind. Aim for 2-3 posts per week on 1-2 social platforms. Keep the posts educational and fun, not salesy.

2. Create a List of Qualified Prospects

Once you have a more robust online presence, you should build a list of qualified prospects. For title companies, this means gathering a list of local real estate agents with whom you want to introduce yourself to. To create your list of qualified prospects, research brokerages in your area or look to join local real estate association groups. You can also start by just picking up the phone and calling local agents to introduce yourself and your title company. If they haven’t worked with you before, they may be glad to hear from you–considering that every agent needs to work with title companies.

3. Keep Good Records

Method number three is keeping clean records as you market your title company to real estate agents. That means creating an outreach spreadsheet or CRM to track leads, follow-ups, and appointments with agents. Your marketing outreach spreadsheet should include information like:

● Full name and contact information of whoever you’re meeting with ● The date of the meeting ● What you talked about during the meeting ● Their decision status (whether they want to work with you, want to in the future, will think about it, or aren’t interested in working together)

4. Ask for Testimonials and Reviews

Asking for testimonials and reviews is one of the most effective ways to market your title company to real estate agents. After all, how can you hope to successfully market your company if prospects aren’t confident in the results you’ve generated before? Ask for testimonials by sending out emails to your past clients and ask them to write a short review about what they liked about working with you. You should also ask for reviews on sites like Google and Facebook and real estate sites like By helping real estate agents who are new to your brand see that you have a prominent digital reputation, you’ll be able to forge more partnerships and make more money.

5. Hold Events for CE Credit

Lastly, you should consider holding events to market your title company to real estate agents. This is a great way to position yourself as an authority who’s worth following and engaging with. CE Events such as Lunch and Learns are a great way to gather a large group of real estate agents together in one place. You can then use the opportunity to give a presentation about how your company can help agents close more deals in addition to providing them with the CE credit hours that they need.

The Bottom Line

As a title company, it’s your job to protect the value and proper ownership of homes. However, you don’t just want to be a company that offers and fulfills standard services. You want to be a company that helps people achieve their dreams, and the way to do this is more partnerships with skilled agents and brokers. That’s why creating a marketing strategy for your title company starts with becoming more accessible to real estate agents and leveraging the right partnership development strategies. Whether you decide to market yourself offline, online, or both, you’ll want to make yourself more accessible to agents in your community. Persistence and patience are the name of the game. If you always send personalized outreach messages and offer relevant reasons to do business together, you’ll have tons of new agents to speak with in no time.

Dalton Digital is a marketing agency that focuses exclusively on helping title companies grow their closing volume. Contact Us today to discuss ways to grow your title company in any economic climate.

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Gracie Johnson
Nov 17, 2022

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