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Email Marketing for Title Companies: Building Relationships and Driving Business

Title companies interact with Realtors every day in different ways, such as through a phone call, an interaction on a file, or a referral. Yet, this initial interaction doesn’t have to be the last interaction. It is never safe to assume that someone will reach out to you when they are ready.

Keep your title company in the forefront of their mind by taking advantage of email marketing. Get a lead and then use it to build relationships and drive business and additional closing referrals. The next time they are going to be in need of a title company, who do you think they will call?

What is Email Marketing?

As its name suggests, email marketing involves focusing your marketing efforts on promoting your business and the value it brings through the use of email. Just like writing a friend, you can send a personalized email to those on your email list in an attempt to build a connection.

Generally, email campaigns provide valuable information but also prompt the reader to take some sort of action.

There are different types of emails, such as:

● Welcome emails

● Newsletters

● Dedicated emails focusing only on a particular group

● Promotional emails

● Surveys

● Seasonal emails

Each of these can be used in various ways to continue to nurture the relationship.

Email Marketing for Title Companies

For title companies, email marketing can be used alongside other marketing efforts to stay connected with Realtors and other clients. After all, many title companies get business through these agents.

Help your title services to be remembered with occasional emails that are useful and add value. Use email campaigns to market yourself as a leader – someone who knows how to communicate, clear titles, and finagle their way through the most intricate real estate issues.

The content you send will need to reflect this. Keep them engaged with your company, proving yourself as a thought-leader. Then, when they find themselves in need of title services, your name can be fresh in their mind — and their information easily accessible in your email inbox.

Benefits of Email Marketing

One of the major benefits of email marketing for title companies is the fact that you get to show up in front of those on a highly-targeted email list. You're getting right in front of your audience and can start building the relationship from your first catchy subject line.

As your email campaign continues, your relationship will grow and you will find ways to nurture it, driving business your way.

This is why many title companies seek to take advantage of email marketing. Not to mention that there are additional benefits, including:

● Reaching your audience right when you want it to

● The ability to create personalized and valuable content

● Generate traffic to your website

● Get your name out there and increase brand awareness

Email marketing is quick and easy. And, if done right, it can help cushion your bottom line, too.

Tips for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

If you are a title company, how can you take advantage of email marketing campaigns? Here are a few tips for success.

Use organic email addresses you have collected. You can always buy email lists, but you aren’t likely to get the best response from individuals who didn’t want you to have their email in the first place.

Personalize your emails. This is especially necessary when it comes to the receivers name.

Know your audience. Determine what they will want to receive in their inbox – and when they’d like to receive it.

Keep it simple and get to the point. Email inboxes can get overloaded with junk mail. If you send a bulky email, the reader will likely never get through it.

It is important to keep in mind that running A/B tests of your email campaigns is a great way to know if they are working and achieving the results you are looking for. Test different action calls or subject lines and see what gets the right response.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to create and deploy these emails on your own, a digital marketing agency for title companies can be a valuable resource.

Dalton Digital is a marketing agency that focuses exclusively on helping title companies grow their closing volume - and retain their clients. Contact us today to discuss ways digital marketing can help to grow your title company in any economic climate.


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