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5 Ways to Build Your Title Company’s Brand Through Social Media

The role of a title company is often misunderstood. Even those who have invested in real estate still don’t truly understand the entire involvement of this industry. Social media provides the perfect setting to change this.

Social media lets you interact with followers – buyers, Real Estate Agents, Lenders and other clients. It allows you to bring them into your world while also building your title company’s brand. Though, social media itself is vast which means you have to have a strategy that will get you in front of your ideal audience - and engage them.

Here are 5 ways to build your title company’s brand through social media marketing.

1. Post Consistently

Seeing random sporadic posts from you every few weeks or on every holiday is not going to be enough for your followers (or anyone, for that matter) to remember who you are. Your title company’s brand will get lost in the mix of thousands of others. Posting too much will likely get you blocked for pure annoyance reasons.

To build your brand, post consistently. You don’t have to post every day, but create a schedule that will allow you to post a couple of times each week. This will keep you fresh within news feeds without being too overbearing.

2. Develop Your Voice

The tone in how you connect with your brand is all part of developing your voice. This gets carried over into your social media posts.

Do you want to present yourself as formal and serious? Do you want to keep your posts more informal and casual? This can be synonymous across all platforms or perhaps more formal on one platform and more casual on another.

Again, just make sure you keep it consistent. Decide what it is you are trying to achieve, who your audience is, and how you want the interaction with followers to go. Once you select your voice, stick to it.

3. Use Storytelling

You can tell everyone that title insurance is a must-have when buying a new home. You can scream it from the roof, hold up a sign, and even highlight it on your website. While you may capture some attention, most people aren’t likely to give title insurance a second thought.

Now, what if you made them feel the importance of title insurance? You do this through storytelling. For instance, share a story of a fake couple who purchased a house, started a family, and began filling it with memories they thought would last a lifetime. Then, go on to talk about the devastation that happened when they lost it all due to the previous owner’s missed lien pushing their house into foreclosure.

Make the reader feel the need for title insurance. This can be applied to all types of areas within the industry as long as you can tell a story that leads to emotions.

4. Make Use of Your Logo

A part of building your brand includes brand recognition. As you begin posting on social media, you will want to include your logo and your brand colors. This will give your followers a visual of who you are and an image that will be associated with your brand.

Creating photos for your post is a great way to make this happen. Here you will have the opportunity to use your brand’s colors as well as add the logo to everything you create. Keeping this consistent, too, is always a smart idea.

5. Be Approachable - and Available

As we have mentioned, the title industry is tricky for those who are not part of it on a daily basis. Presenting yourself as a company that is approachable and available can open the door for those who want to learn more.

An idea would be to create a post asking for questions. Then, post the FAQs on your social media page. Perhaps this is something that you’d like to do regularly. It will not only provide a wealth of information to those on social media while building your brand, but it will also allow you to present yourself as an authority in the industry.

Being responsive and engaging with your followers can keep the door open when it comes time for someone to hire a title company.

The Wrap Up

Social media can be an incredible tool for building your title company’s brand. Although it may seem like a lot of work, putting together a strategic plan, finding your voice, and remaining consistent will give you the greatest chance of success.

If you don’t know where to start, perhaps reaching out to digital marketing experts can help.

Learn More About Using Social Media for Your Title Company

Dalton Digital is a marketing agency exclusively focused on helping title companies grow their closing volume by getting their digital marketing right - including social media. Contact us today for a free strategy session to discuss your goals and learn how we can help support your sales efforts.


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