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Jenesis Software Acquires Dalton Digital to Expand Digital Marketing Capabilities

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Jenesis Software, a leader in insurance agency management solutions, announced that it has acquired Dalton Digital, an award-winning digital marketing agency.

We are excited to announce that Dalton Digital has officially merged with Jenesis Software – a leader provider of agency management and marketing solutions for the insurance industry.

As we take a moment to reflect, we want to share our thoughts and gratitude to all of those who helped us get there. In addition, we’ve provided answers to a few frequently asked questions, below.

Our Story

Justin Gooderham started Dalton Digital in 2017 after decades of helping businesses to grow online. The shift to focus on title company marketing arose from an unmet need he saw in the marketplace. Namely, there were a number of great vendors that support title companies from a closing, technology and process perspective, but there wasn't much emphasis on helping title companies gain clients, market themselves or grow.

Over the next 6 years, we expanded our capabilities from web design to a comprehensive marketing solution including content writing, search engine optimization, and social media management – all of the pieces that title companies needed to grow their business.

Title industry events, sponsorships, and boots-on-the-ground we are instrumental in the growth of Dalton Digital. In a short time, we became one of the go-to marketing agencies for title industry.

We want to once again thank all of our clients, partners, peers, and our families for supporting us along the way.


Who is Jenesis Software and what do they do?

Jenesis Software provides a web-based insurance agency management system, JenesisNow. Based in North Carolina, it is an intelligent tool to make running an insurance agency easier and more efficient with features like credit card processing, electronic signature, auto-filling Acord forms, smart task list reminders, calendar and email integration, time clock, built-in marketing tools, company downloads, and more. After 20 years of teaming with independent insurance agencies, Jenesis Software continues to be a leader in innovation and one of the most respected names in the insurance industry.

Why did you decide to partner with Jenesis Software?

When starting the business, the furthest thing from our minds was a future merger or acquisition. We were laser-focused on creating solutions that added value to our clients and would help them grow their business.

As Dalton Digital grew, we realized that by partnering with a larger, well-established company, we could provide our clients with access to a broader range of expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and more industry resources. This strategic move allows us to continue delivering exceptional value to our clients, enabling them to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with even more comprehensive solutions and support.

What does this mean for Dalton Digital customers?

Your experience only gets better as we continue to innovate in the title industry digital landscape. We now have a larger team, dedicated resources, and more opportunities to help you grow and improve your business to attract new clients.

Will my Dalton Digital service offering change?

You will remain on your current service plan and there will be no changes.

Will the brand name change?

There are currently no plans to change the name of Dalton Digital. The title industry is small, and those who support it from a marketing and technology perspective is even smaller. We feel we have gained trust and brand equity in the industry over the years, so we want to keep the Dalton Digital name as one of the premier go-to service providers in the title industry.

Will the Dalton Digital team stay the same?

Our Founder and President, Justin Gooderham, has been wearing many hats over the years. From business development to account management to operations. As part of the merger, you will have a new day-to-day contact who will serve as your account manager. However, Justin will still be very much involved in client strategy with Dalton Digital. He will also take on new roles to support the business and operations of Jenesis Software.

Thank you again for your continued support.


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