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How to Boost Your Title Company’s Reputation: A Strategic Marketing Approach

How is your title company’s reputation?

When you started your title company, you had to prove yourself. The competition in the title industry can be fierce—yet, you did it. You pushed hard and made sacrifices to grow your company. And you stood strong next to all the others.

Not everyone can get to where you are and have the reputation you have. When you have done things honestly and right, gaining the loyalty and trust of customers along the way, you need to use it to your advantage.

As you begin to look ahead at your next strategic marketing approach, why not boost your title company’s reputation?

What is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation marketing involves highlighting all the positives about your business, such as your great 5-star reviews, social media comments or posts giving your brand a shout-out, or even articles written about your business. In other words, rather than just telling your potential customers that you are a highly-respected, knowledgeable title company, let them hear it from those who have experience working with you.

Boosting Your Title Company’s Reputation

In order to boost your reputation, you are going to need a strategy. And a good one is going to have a few different parts, such as assessing your current reputation, refining your reputation, and having a plan to deal with negative feedback.

Assess Your Reputation

It is tough to know how to get where you want to go when you don’t know where you are. So, start right here, right now. You need to take a long, hard look at your reputation. Not what you think it is, but what it really is.

Take a look at your online presence. Is your website updated and user-friendly? Are you actively engaging with followers on social media? What do your reviews look like online? Have any press stories been written about you? Don’t forget to take a look at your competitors to see how you compare.

Refine Your Reputation

After assessing your current reputation, take some time to brainstorm how you can make it better. What areas could use some extra attention? Consider enhancing your website to make it easier to maneuver and more aesthetically pleasing and professional. Once you do, you will want to get your site in front of potential customers, either using SEO, PPC marketing, sharing on social media, etc.

Speaking of social media—what changes can you make on your various platforms to have more positive engagement?

Take some time to figure out what you need and then implement your plan.

Address Your Negative Feedback

You need a plan to deal with negative feedback. Even the most successful title company is going to have some negative feedback at some point. The more you monitor and look out for it, the more swiftly you can address it.

One way to handle this is to respond right away - with something positive. For example, if someone comments on an experience they had with your title company, respond with an apology and offer to make it right. Whatever you do, never respond to a negative comment or review with a negative response.

Promote, Promote, Promote

When you encounter a customer that is happy with your services, ask them to share their experience by leaving you a review or positive feedback. If you prefer, you may offer them something in return, such as a discount or free title company merch.

In turn, you can share their review on your social media platforms and on your website.

Partner with the Experts

Boosting your title company’s reputation can be tough, regardless of how detailed your strategic marketing plan is. The internet is vast which means simply staying on top of your feedback or content posted about your business can be a challenge. And remember, you still have to actively engage with your followers on social media and monitor the results of your progress.

Sometimes your title company’s marketing goals are better handled by the experts. In doing so, you will feel confident that your reputation is well on its way to being boosted. What’s more, you can focus your attention on giving your customers a stellar experience that warrants positive feedback. It’s a win-win.

Dalton Digital is a marketing agency that focuses exclusively on helping title companies grow their closing volume - and retain their clients. Contact us today to discuss ways digital marketing can help to grow your title company in any economic climate.


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